Equipment list: Mechanical Behavior Laboratory

  • Instron model 2150 biaxial servo-hydraulic machine
  • Instron uniaxial servo-hydraulic machine
  • Instron RR Moore rotating beam fatigue testing system
  • Cortest proof rings
  • Mitsubishi electric discharge machine (EDM)
  • Buehler EcoMet3 variable speed grinder/polisher
  • Buehler IsoMet 11-1180 low speed saw
  • Ohaus Scout Pro electronic scale
  • Optical metallographic microscope
  • Questar QM100 Optical long-distance microscope
  • Software: 3D CAD Design SOLIDWORKS and SIMULIA, Altair HyperWorks, and National Instruments LabVIEW

Technical info & pricing: Yanyao Jiang | (775) 784-4510
For entities external to NSHE, contact the Nevada Center for Applied Research for access: | (775) 784-4781