Mechanics of Solids, Structures and Materials

Research in mechanics of solids mainly includes fundamental theory (elasticity, plasticity, variational principles, fatigue and fracture of materials and structures,and inelastic constitutive relations) and applied research (tribology/corrosion, fracture of superhard materials, elastic-plastic finite element analysis, mechanics of architected materials and electro-chemo-mechanics of electrode materials).

Research in structures includes elasticity and bifurcation, microstructure evolution during ultrafast laser processing, bolted joints and microstructure engineering for energy applications.

Research in materials includes diverse directions such as smart and multifunctional materials, soft materials, artificial muscles, alloys with enhanced corrosion and mechanical properties, deformation twinning in hexagonal close packed materials, phase-field modeling of deformation in metals and alloys, stimuli-responsive materials, yield-stress materials, nanomaterials, composites and meta-materials.

Temperature-induced microstructure evolution of the nanoclay-Pluronic F127 nanocomposite characterized by small-angle neutron scattering.

Large and strong artificial muscle using helically wrapped supercoiled polymers