Department Research

Yanyao Jiang


Research in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Nevada, Reno is organized into three interest groups according to research specialty:

  • Solid mechanics (Smart/active composites, advanced manufacturing, fatigue, lightweight metals) 
  • Thermal/fluids/energy sciences (micro/nano & medical/biological/microbial flows, fire/nuclear packaging safety)
  • System dynamics and control (autonomous systems, multi-agent systems, robotics, soft actuators)

Our faculty members conduct research with graduate students and in collaboration with other faculty members in the Mechanical Engineering Department and other faculty members in the College of Engineering. Research funding is provided by a wide range of government and industry sources.

Graduate students are exposed to modern mechanical engineering research subjects including solid mechanics, engineering design, smart materials, heat transfer, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, renewable energy, biomedical engineering, and dynamics and controls.

Research Labs

Advanced Manufacturing and Materials Processing Laboratory

Primary Contact: Yiliang Liao
Major Focus: Laser materials processing, laser-assisted advanced manufacturing, additive manufacturing

Advanced Materials and Microscopy Laboratory

Primary Contact: Yanyao Jiang
Major Focus: Microscopic characterization of materials

Biomechanics Lab

Primary Contact: Eric Wang
Major Focus: Emphasizes biomechanics, design of sports equipment and vehicle dynamics

BioMedical Lab

Primary Contact: Cahit Evrensel
Major Focus: Emphasizes solid/liquid and solid/vapor interactions in bio-systems such as fluid mechanics issues in pulmonary airways

Composite and Intelligent Materials Lab (CIML)

Primary Contact: Faramarz Gordaninejad
Major Focus: Basic and applied research in the areas of advanced materials, structures and systems

Mechanical Behavior Lab

Primary Contact: Yanyao Jiang
Major Focus: Dedicated to the experimental investigation of mechanical behavior of materials. Equipped with state-of-the-art servohydraulic material testing systems with computer controls and data acquisition, extensometry, metallurgical optical microscope and more.

Multiphysics Laboratory

Primary Contact: Matteo Aureli
Major Focus: Fluid and solid mechanics, fluid-structure interaction, and vibrations

Nuclear Materials Operational Safety Lab

Primary Contact: Miles Greiner
Major Focus: Development and experimental benchmark of computational tools to predict the thermal response of spent nuclear fuel transport and storage casks during normal and fire accident conditions

Shan Materials and Mechanics Lab

Primary Contact: Wanliang Shan
Major Focus: Smart, hybrid, active and nature-inspired materials, mechanics and devices

Tribology and Advanced Manufacturing

Primary Contact: Pradeep Menezes
Major Focus: Tribology in engineering and biomedical applications

Tung Lab

Primary Contact: Ryan Tung
Major focus: Vibrations and dynamics of microsystems and Atomic Force Microscopy

Turbomachinery Lab

Primary Contact: Cahit Evrensel & Matteo Aureli
Major focus: Turbine hydraulic technology, turbomachinery