Our research

We're active in a wide range of research areas and have expertise in theoretical, computational and experimental research. 

Department research

Departmental research is sponsored by a variety of government agencies and companies, and spans many areas of mechanical and aerospace engineering and science, including solid and fluid mechanics, materials, structures, manufacturing, dynamics, robotics, controls, thermodynamics, heat transfer, and nuclear and renewable energy.

Current research interests of our faculty include:

  • Smart, active, and soft materials: sensing and actuation, stimuli-responsive shape-programmable matter, artificial muscles, biomimetic and soft robotics (Drs. Jin, Zhang, EvrenselHanna)
  • Advanced manufacturing and materials processing: 3D printing and bioprinting, tribology and surface science, metal cutting and forming (Drs.  Hanna, Menezes, Jin)
  • Nanomaterials, micro-/nanoscale transport, energy conversion and storage (Drs. Y. Wang, Cao)
  • Theoretical, computational, and experimental mechanics: continuum mechanics, unsteady aerodynamics, plume dynamics, multi-scale modeling of material electrical, chemical, thermal, and mechanical properties, elasticity, in situ microscale mechanical testing, plasticity and fatigue of alloys (Drs. Hanna, Nair, Cao, FanJiang, van Breugel)
  • Dynamics and control of structures and systems: fluid-structure interaction, active flow control, vibrations, atomic force microscopy, optimal and robust control and estimation, distributed and networked control, data-driven control, bioinspired sensory integration, cyberphysical systems and security (Drs. Aureli, van Breugel, HannaTung, Voulgaris, Nair, Shen, E. Wang)
  • Rarefied gas dynamics, porous media flow and heat transfer, and augmented heat transfer (Drs. Greiner, Hadj-Nacer, Ramachandran)
  • Nuclear packaging safety and large fire simulations and experiments. (Drs. Greiner, Hadj-Nacer)

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