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If it moves, a mechanical engineer probably had something to do with it. In our department, we're investigating mechanical systems ranging from how organisms move through aquatic environments to how groups of robots can coordinate flight through the skies.

Team DBZ Wins Owen Stedham Capstone Award

Congratulations to the team, who received the award for their design of a load frame to compress high explosive assemblies for analysis, sponsored by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Team members are: Brandon Josifko, Alex Barry, Michal Powell, Uriah Valentine and Chris Wade.

The award is given in honor of department alum Owen Stedham (1984 - 2012) to the senior capstone team that best exemplifies the values and the expectations of the Mechanical Engineering Department.

Read about the project.

2018 Speech competition winners First Place: Brett McMahan  Second Place: Zachary Dugan Third Place: Manuel Retana

Congrats to speech competition winners!

Congratulations to all our students who participated in the first annual Madani-Gordaninejad Speech Competition last night! The inaugural award winners were Brett McMahan, Zachary Dugan and Manuel Retana.

More about the competition

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