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2019 University of Nevada, Reno Foundation Banquet RECAP

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About Sue Desmond-Hellmann: Dr. Desmond-Hellmann is a physician, scientist, and philanthropist who has devoted her career to improving the human condition. As a pioneer in healthcare for more than 30 years, she's driven major developments toward the eradication of disease, poverty and inequity. Trained as an oncologist, she spent 14 years at Genentech developing a number of breakthrough medicines.

Today, as CEO of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Dr. Desmond-Hellmann leads the organization's vision for a world where every person has the opportunity to live a healthy, productive life. Drawing on her diverse experience in both the public and private sectors, she creates an environment for talented and committed individuals to help more children and young people survive and thrive, combat infectious diseases that hit the poorest hardest, and empower people - particularly women and girls - to transform their lives. Dr. Desmond-Hellmann has a B.S. & M.D., from the University of Nevada, Reno.

About the University of Nevada, Reno Foundation Banquet: Established in 1981 as a fundraising event for the University of Nevada, Reno Foundation, the Foundation Banquet is the premier social event in the community. Keynote speakers for the banquet are of the highest caliber and are widely respected in their fields and around the world.

The roster of past speakers at the University of Nevada, Reno Foundation Banquet includes:

The roster of past speakers at the University of Nevada, Reno Foundation Banquet

2018 Vivek Murthy
2017 Alan Alda
2016 Jon Meacham
2015 Michele Norris
2014 John Kao
2013 Wolf Blitzer
2012 Charles Duhigg
2011 Steven D. Levitt
2010 Buzz Aldrin
2009 Atul Gawande

2008 Forrest Sawyer
2007 George Will
2006 Benazir Bhutto
2005 Thomas Friedman
2004 Jeff Greenfield
2003 Fred Thompson
2002 Cokie Roberts
2001 Madame Jehan Sadat
2000 Brian Mulroney
1999 Sam Donaldson

1998 Bob Newhart
1997 Bill Cosby
1996 Charles Osgood
1995 Mark Russell
1994 Dave Barry
1993 Jack Kemp
1992 Art Buchwald
1991 Alex Haley
1990 Beverly Sills

1989 James R. Schlesinger
1988 Tip O'Neill
1987 Jeane Kirkpatrick
1986 Arkady Shevchenko
1985 Peter Ueberroth
1984 Sander Vancour
1983 Alexander Haig
1982 John Chancellor
1981 Gerald Ford

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