Regents Service Program

The Regents Service Program at the University of Nevada, Reno is designed to provide our students with paid service/work that contributes to the critical needs of the community, our state or our university as well as the student employee.

Program awards

The program awards $225,000 each year. The program only funds student wages and Graduate Assistant stipends and related fringe. If proposals require operating funds, please have an alternate funding source approved in advance of your application for those expenses.

Program priorities

The priority of the Regent's Service Program is literacy programs specific to K-12 (which must not include classroom instruction). Regent's Service Program student positions may not be used to supplant personnel needs or be used in the general way of work-study positions. Tasks assigned to employees hired under the Regent's Service Program must enhance the student employee's record of accomplishment related to their career goals or academic objectives.

Graduate assistant positions

Graduate assistantships can be funded but may not have the same role as other state-funded graduate assistants within the department/college and they may not be teaching assistants. The responsibilities assigned to graduate assistants hired through the Regent's Service Program must enhance their record of accomplishment related to their future career and/or academic objectives (e.g., management or leadership roles). Graduate assistant positions will be funded for 10 months at the minimum monthly stipend ($1,700 per month) and include standard grant-in-aid and insurance benefits.

Radius of service populations

Undergraduate applicants are restricted to serving populations from physical locations within a five (5) mile radius of the University of Nevada, Reno main campus because of the link between student persistence and proximity to campus as well as transportation challenges many students face. Graduate applicants will have more flexibility with a five-to-eight (5-8) mile radius.

We request that you identify a minimum and maximum funding request as well as provide a budget summary. The assessment process both from the perspective of the population served and the University of Nevada, Reno student employee is important.


Applications are reviewed by a committee and rated on the following:

  • Contributions to K-12 literacy
  • Contributions to the State of Nevada, the surrounding community or the University
  • Tasks and responsibilities that complement the preferred academic major
  • Demonstrated opportunity for the student employee to develop a record of accomplishment relevant to career/academic objectives
  • Identified assessment measures

Each successful Regents Service Program applicant will be invited to training on hiring and program reporting in early May. The program is responsible for hiring student employees who meet one of six defined need criteria (identified in the Regent's Service Program Guidelines 2b) in the high-level skilled roles identified in the application.

Regents Service Program proposal form

For questions and more information

Please contact Ashley Salisbury with questions.

Ashley Salisbury
Manager, Verification and Professional Judgement
Phone: (775) 682-8017