Request a professional judgement

The University’s Financial Aid & Scholarships office is permitted to review and update students’ federal aid eligibility through a process called Professional Judgement. Under certain circumstances, students may qualify for adjustments to their FAFSA and receive additional aid. Students must submit a FAFSA prior to submitting a Professional Judgement request.

What is professional judgement

Professional Judgement refers to the ability for a financial aid office to review a special or unusual circumstance a student may be experiencing and using their professional discretion to make a determination for a possible adjustment to student aid eligibility. This is done on a case-by-case basis after acceptable and reasonable documentation has been submitted.

How to request a professional judgement

The Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships encourages a one-on-one appointment with a Professional Judgement advisor before a request is made. The link to book an in-person or virtual appointment is below.

Book appointment

During the one-on-one appointment, the student and the advisor will discuss the special or unusual circumstance to determine if it warrants a professional judgement and if so, what documentation will need to be provided. Once documentation is collected and ready for submission, students can submit documents directly to

Please be advised that submission of a Professional Judgement (whether with prior year tax data or a special circumstance) may not increase federal aid eligibility and therefore may be denied.

Circumstances for a professional judgement

If you have any question about the process or your situation, we are here to help. 

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