Work Study

The Federal Work Study Program provides the funds to pay for part-time employment to help students afford the costs of their college education.

Work Study awards subsidize on-campus student employment. The employer benefits from hiring a work study student because the funds pay up to 75 percent of the wages earned. The student benefits by earning wages and learning new skills while working around their class schedule.

Work Study is taxable income

Need-based Work Study wages are considered financial aid and the wages earned are an exemption on the FAFSA. Any money received as a result of work, whether Work Study, part-time employment, or graduate assistantships, is taxable income. Individuals must file a W-4 withholding form at the they are hired and receive a W-2 statement of earnings and taxes withheld each calendar year. Questions about withholding should be directed to the University's Payroll Office.

Applying for Work Study assistance

  1. Submit FAFSA. Students must submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or Institutional Methodology form (non-FAFSA eligible students) when applying for non-need Federal Work Study assistance.
  2. Join the waiting list. Students can place themselves on the Work Study wait-list by Work Study wait-list application in MyNEVADA in Supplemental Forms. Students who are already employed receive preference on the waiting list. Preference is then given to incoming freshman and transfer students as well as students who hold DACA status. Students may indicate they already have a job on-campus when completing the wait-list application. Students may also make updates to their Work Study wait-list application if they obtain an on-campus position after initially submitting their application.

Work Study awards

A placement letter containing important information for the student employer is emailed to work study students late in the summer. Students have four (4) weeks to obtain an on-campus job (if they have not done so previously). Students may be granted a one- to-two-week extension by contacting the Work Study Coordinator in the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships.

Students must include this letter when introducing themselves to potential employers. Each student awarded Work Study is responsible for contacting prospective on-campus employers to obtain a job.

Work Study deadlines

Funds are limited and are awarded by departmental request (May 1 deadline) or student request via a Work Study wait-list application supplemental form located in MyNEVADA.

  • This form opens early April for students who have submitted a FAFSA and do not have any financial aid related To Do List items showing in MyNEVADA.
  • Work Study funds are only available to support employment between August 16 and May 15 annually.
  • Students graduating in December must end Work Study employment by December 15.

Work Study does not automatically renew

Due to the limited amount of funds and the high demand for Work Study, the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships will continue to award Work Study based off of a waiting list each year. Students must request to be placed on the waiting list every year. The waiting list will be made available early June of every year.