Research is the foundation for all the graduate degree programs offered by the Department of Chemistry.

The focus of your graduate study is a program of original research under the direction of your faculty adviser. You will be encouraged to select a research adviser and start on your thesis (M.S.) or dissertation (Ph.D.) research by your second semester in residence. This is especially important as your research topic is a large factor in determining the subsequent course curriculum you will follow.

Research study options in the department include:

  • organic chemistry
  • inorganic chemistry
  • physical chemistry
  • theoretical chemistry
  • chemical physics
  • physical organic chemistry
  • bio-organic chemistry
  • bioinorganic chemistry
  • organometallic chemistry.

After choosing a research adviser, you will form a graduate advisory committee comprised of your adviser and other faculty in the chemistry department. This committee approves your program of study and presides over oral examinations. Your research program culminates in the completion of your thesis or dissertation.