The Chemical Ecology Program

Global Influence

Our interdisciplinary group collaborates  internationally to re-synthesize, reinvigorate, and advance chemical ecology by integrating technical and conceptual advances in their respective fields.

Our Goal: Advancing the Field

A central goal of the Chemical Ecology program is to understand how interactions among organisms are mediated by biological compounds. The field of chemical ecology has profound influences on various disciplines, from ecology and biochemistry to physiology and pharmacology. 


Students work in the lab

Meet the program faculty and students whose research and global contributions drive our program's mission.


Chemical Ecology Research

High quality research focused on the most important basic and applied questions in chemistry, biology, and ecology.


Chemical Ecology Outreach

All faculty, senior personnel and students at the center participate in extensive outreach relevant to chemical ecology.


Eschscholzia Californica

Major participants and off campus collaborators, including land management, biotechnology, museums, field stations, other academic institutions, and faculty from across Central and South America.


Chemical Ecology Program

Teaching goals integrate topics including synthetic and natural products chemistry, instrumental analysis, spectroscopy, biochemistry, plant genetics, ecology, genomics, computational biology, and mathematical modeling.



The Great Basin Bioprospecting Study focuses on a relatively unexplored region of the world and will yield novel natural products with therapeutic and agricultural potential.

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