System Controllers

MTS's FlexTest IIm is a direct digital test control system designed for structural testing applications. FlexTest IIm is a multi-channel, multi-station controller that uses an industry standard VME architecture and a windows-based graphical user interface to provide a versatile test controller.

Major features and capabilities

Multi-station configuration

  • 1 to 4 simultaneous and independent tests
  • Control channels are assignable to any station so different test setups can be configured without changing cables
  • Data acquisition channels are assignable to any control channel

Function generation

  • Cyclic sine, triangle and square waveforms with cycle counter
  • Broad band, frequency weighted random signal generation
  • Basic sine sweep
  • 0.01 Hz to 100 Hz

Data acquisition

  • Timed sample, peak/valley, max/min, level crossing and slave to other channel modes
  • Data transfer to Excel spreadsheet and other tools for analysis

Display (CRT)

  • 2-channel digital oscilloscope with time base, frequency base or XY display modes (software generated scope)
  • Digital volt meters with peak/valley, max/min or DC modes (software generated display)

Specimen monitoring

  • Error limit detector on each channel
  • Transducer output limit detector on each channel
  • Under peak detection

Test control

  • On-screen setup and editing of simple test sequences
  • High-level test control software enables integration of function generation, data acquisition, sequencing and simple analysis to automate complete test sequences
  • Event/action matrix enables creation of special interlocks and events based on digital I/O, limit and error detectors, and system events