Test Floor

Lab floor

6 degree of freedom table

Control Room

Our test laboratory floor is 80 ft by 120 ft, and it was custom designed by BJG Architecture and Engineering. The test floor is a one-way slab spanning the lab's narrow direction from wall-to-wall and is supported by three intermediate load-bearing walls.

The east side of the laboratory includes an 80 ft long by 20 ft high concrete strong wall that can be used for experiments independently of or in conjunction with the shake tables. The strong wall wraps around the southeast corner of the lab with an additional 16 ft by 20 ft section.

In addition, the lab includes:

  • 2 30-ton overhead cranes
  • 2 mass rigs
  • Numerous reaction blocks
  • A state-of-the-art instrumentation and control room
  • 392 channels of data acquisition and telepresence equipment