Strong Wall

Strong wall in the earthquake engineering lab

The strong wall in the Earthquake Engineering Laboratory can be used for reacting various large-scale experiments, both on the strong floor or on a shake table. The wall is heavily reinforced with rebar tied into the strong-floor for a monolithic reaction.

The wall is L-shaped. It consists of an 80 ft long by 20 ft high by 4 ft thick section of concrete that can be used for experiments independently of or in conjunction with the shake tables. The strong wall wraps around the southeast corner of the lab with an additional 16 ft long by 20 ft high by 4 ft thick section. It is perforated with tie-down holes on the same 2 ft by 2 ft grid as the test floor.

The wall may be used in conjunction with modular reaction blocks to permit a variety of reaction and anchorage loading configurations including L-shaped systems.