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Honors Curriculum

Rigorous, Rewarding Curriculum

The Honors Program offers students a rewarding curriculum of study. Each semester the Honors Program offers over 35 different Honors classes to student members of the Program.

Priority registration for the spring 2015 semester begins September 29, 2014. Remember, you must meet with an Honors advisor to be eligible. Schedule an appointment at the link on the Honors Advising page. 

The Program is designed to fit an Honors student's educational plan without additional time or credits. Students have a wide choice of courses to fulfill requirements, as Honors classes are available in the University's core curriculum, in the student's major, in Senior Honors Thesis courses, and as electives. Students can also receive Honors credit for studying abroad.

What makes a course "Honors?" Each Honors course is unique, but Honors encourages faculty to incorporate the educational aims of the Honors Program and include the general characteristics of Honors classes.

  • Small, seminar-size, interactive classes
  • Cooperative instruction: class discussion, small group, student-led
  • Intellectual dialogue between and among faculty and students
  • Critical thinking, reading and writing on the basis of cutting edge, discipline-based knowledge
  • Inquiry learning and independent research
  • Depth of study within a specific discipline
  • Primary source documents and original documentation
  • Collaborative and experimental learning
  • Enriched or qualitatively different coursework and assignments
  • Service learning and experiential learning
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Innovative teaching techniques or curricula
  • Appropriate co-curricular activities
  • Not more work nor more difficult, just different

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