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Freshman Scholarship Matrix

Scholarships are automatically awarded to new freshmen who apply to the university by February 1 of the year preceding their fall enrollment. Awards will be based on official high school transcripts received at the original admission date and the best single sitting test score received in the Office of Admissions and Records prior to February 1st (December is the last qualifying test date). The academic index is calculated using the unweighted high school grade point average at the time of admission and the best single sitting college entrance test score (ACT or SAT I) received prior to February 1.  A student must earn both a minimum 3.2 Unweighted cumulative HS GPA at admission and have a minimum 22 ACT equivalent test score reported before 2/1 to be considered for these scholarships.  Students who receive WUE residency are eligible to be considered for only the Presidential and National Merit Scholarships. If you are committed to attending the University of Nevada, Reno, by accepting admission in MyNEVADA early (prior to January 31), you have the option of completing the Graduate & Undergraduate Scholarship Application which is due February 1.  This application, found in the supplemental forms section of MyNEVADA one working day after a student accepts admission in MyNEVADA, is used as the basis for selecting the recipients of the very small number of scholarship "upgrades" we offer to incoming freshmen.

Scholarship Matrix

Academic IndexScholarshipsAmount
80+ Nevada Scholar Level $1500
73-79 Pack Pride Level $1000

To estimate the scholarship a prospective student may be eligible to receive, input GPA and test score information below to calculate the academic index and the award amount. Note: SAT I is your Critical Reading and Math combined score.  Presidential scholarships are excluded from the calculator; however, criteria for the Presidential scholarship are listed below.

Presidential Scholarship

The scholarship is open to all incoming freshmen applying for admission during the final year of high school and awards $5,000 per year for four years of undergraduate study.  The scholarship requires you to begin attending the semester immediately following high school graduation. This $20,000 scholarship is awarded to qualified entering freshmen who possess the following academic credentials:

  • A minimum 3.50 cumulative unweighted high school grade point average at the time of admission to the University of Nevada, Reno
  • Either an official score of 31 on the ACT or an official score of 1360 on the SAT I (critical reading + math only) reported to the University of Nevada, Reno prior to February 1
  • Must have applied for admission by February 1st with official qualifying test scores and at least a sixth semester official high school transcript on file at that time.
  • Must accept admission in MyNEVADA, pay the $250 advanced registration fee, complete the supplemental questionnaire and provide formal written acceptance of the scholarship to the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships before May 15th.

This scholarship may be awarded from several different donor funds totaling $5,000 annually.  Retention requires 15 University of Nevada, reno credits each fall and spring and a cumulative 3.50 University of Nevada, Reno GPA.

National Merit Scholars

Students who have not been awarded WUE Residency can use the calculator below.  Students who are awarded WUE residency are only considered for Presidential and National Merit Scholarships.

Academic Scholarship Calculator
I (Critical Reading and Math)

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