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Advanced Placement Chemistry

Fall 2015 and Spring 2016

Note: Most materials are provided on this web page as PDF (portable document format) files. A free PDF file reader plug-in for your browser is available (already loaded in the computer labs on campus).

Enrollment Information

  • Checklist for Enrolling in the Program and Registering for the Fall Semester (CHEM 121L) - read this first
  • Checklist for Enrolling in the Program and Registering for the Spring Semester (CHEM 122L)
  • Application for Admission to UNR
  • Application for Initial Nevada Resident Status (Short Form - you may have to down load this, and then open in Acrobat)
  • Estimated Costs for Tuition, Fees, Books and Supplies
  • Campus Map

Safety Information

A Word to Those Planning on Attending Medical School

A number of medical schools, including the University of Nevada, do not accept AP chemistry credits. For chemistry majors, this is not a problem because they will get enough laboratory credits from taking upper level chemistry classes. Non-chemistry majors planning on attending medical school will have to retake Chem 121/122 and lose their AP credits, take Chem 201/202, or take another year of chemistry classes to meet the medical school's requirement. This document provides a list of medical schools that do not accept AP chemistry credits.

Contact Information

AP Chemistry Coordinator
Viktoriya Weirauch
Phone 775-682-8304
Fax 775-784-6804

University Assoc. Dir., Admissions
Adam Stoltz
Phone 775-784-4700
Fax 775-784-1852

Useful Resources

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