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Department of Chemistry

Welcome to the Department of Chemistry!

Thank you for your interest in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Nevada, Reno.

We are a teaching- and research-oriented department offering degrees in Chemistry (B.S., M.S., Ph.D.), and Chemical Physics (Ph.D., jointly with the Physics Department), including bachelor’s degree emphases certified by the American Chemical Society (the Professional Emphasis and the Environmental Emphasis). As a relatively small department, we are able to provide close interactions among students and faculty. Many of our undergraduates and all of our graduate students participate in state-of-the-art chemistry research, working with a faculty mentor. Our graduates go on to employment in academia, industry, and government; many of our Bachelor’s degree graduates are admitted to high-ranked graduate chemistry programs, medical, or dental schools.

The Department of Chemistry is pleased to announce that Dr. Samuel Odoh has recently joined our faculty as an Assistant Professor in Theoretical Chemistry. Samuel was most recently a Post-Doctoral Fellow in the group of Professor Laura Gagliardi at the University of Minnesota, where he was applying modern computational chemistry tools towards the design of novel and well-characterized supported molecular catalysts, porous materials for gas capture and storage, as well as for exploring novel reactivity in compounds of f-elements. He was also involved in developing computationally affordable and accurate methods for treating strong electron correlation in molecular systems. Samuel obtained a Ph.D. in Chemistry in 2012 at the University of Manitoba, Canada in the group of Professor Georg Schreckenbach. Prior to that he earned B.S. and M.S. degrees in Chemistry at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria and University of New Brunswick, Canada, respectively. His graduate research focused on the use of computational electronic structure methods to study the properties of actinide elements.  At the University of Nevada, Samuel will develop and apply computational chemistry approaches to tackle challenging energy-related problems, and advance our understanding of strong electron correlation in solid-state materials as well as the optical properties of large systems.  The Odoh group will focus on the:  (1) extension of multi-reference quantum chemical methods to the treatment of solids and thin films, (2) development of efficient algorithms for extending time dependent density functional theory to the treatment of large systems, and (3) computations-guided design of catalysts for the oxygen evolution and CO2 reduction electrocatalytic reactions.  Information concerning all of our faculty can be found here. Information about our exciting ongoing series of seminars is here.

For those students who are interested in graduate studies in chemistry or chemical physics please visit our graduate studies webpage and the webpage outlining the graduate school application process.

We are located in the Chemistry Building near the center of the University of Nevada, Reno campus. Our web site is designed to provide information for both current and prospective students about our programs and services. Please contact us if you have questions.


The Chemistry Department at Nevada is endowed with a full complement of support services, shops, and laboratories.

Degree Programs

Chemistry leads to careers in medicine, industry and academia.


Our state-of-the-art laboratories for student use are fully staffed with support personnel.

High School Prep

Advanced Placement high school students are encouraged to earn credits on campus.

Student Resources

Advising, placement and support information for University Chemistry students.

Contact Us

Chemistry Department (0216)

1664 N. Virginia Street

Reno, NV 89557

Phone (775) 784-6041

Fax (775) 784-6804

Chemistry Building, Room 213

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