Incoming University of Nevada, Reno students are placed into math courses primarily according to their ACT or SAT scores. Students wishing to place into a higher math course can take ACCUPLACER as a secondary placement measure. The University uses ACCUPLACER for math placement only. Contact the English department for information about alternative placement options for first-year writing courses.

More information regarding:

If you would like to take ACCUPLACER for another college or university, please contact your institution to request a remote voucher, then refer to our proctored exams for other institutions page to make an appointment.

ACCUPLACER availability

We offer ACCUPLACER testing during enrollment periods only. ACCUPLACER is not offered in March or October. 

How to register for ACCUPLACER

Testing in Reno

If you would like to take the test at the University Testing Center in Reno, complete the following steps:

  • Use our online form to schedule an appointment. Select “ACCUPLACER Reno” as your exam in Step 3.
  • Have your debit or credit card ready to pay the $10 test fee.

Testing in Las Vegas

If you would like to take the test at the Southern Nevada Office in Las Vegas, complete the following steps:

  • First pay the $10 test fee in MyNEVADA. ACCUPLACER is listed under “Purchase Additional Services.” Print or take a screenshot of your receipt once your payment has been processed.
  • Then contact the Southern Nevada Office at (702) 940-5416 to make an appointment.

Testing elsewhere

If you would like to take the test elsewhere, complete the following steps:

  • First locate a test site in your area using ACCUPLACER’s test center locator.
  • Then use our online form to pay the $10 test fee. Select “ACCUPLACER Remote” as your exam in Step 3
  • We will email you a remote ACCUPLACER voucher within 1 business day. Use this voucher to set an appointment with your chosen test site.

Important information about ACCUPLACER

  • You may take ACCUPLACER up to 3 times.
  • You must wait at least 48 hours after each attempt before taking the test again. Each attempt costs $10.
  • If you have already enrolled in and started a math course at the University, you are not eligible to take ACCUPLACER.

Taking and completing the test

  • ACCUPLACER is a computer-delivered adaptive test. You must answer each question before you can move onto the next question. You cannot leave questions blank or return to them later.
  • ACCUPLACER is not timed, and you are encouraged to take as much time as you need. Each testing session will allow approximately 2 hours. If you are not finished when the session ends, the proctor will pause the test (all of your previous answers will be saved), and you can return within 14 days to finish the test.
  • The test program has a built-in calculator, which is permitted on certain questions. You are not allowed to use your own calculator.

Testing Center policies

The University of Nevada, Reno Testing Center serves our students and the community at-large by providing a secure environment to take a variety of academic and nonacademic exams. We adhere to the Professional Standards and Guidelines of the National College Testing Association (NCTA), in order to ensure the best possible testing conditions and to standardize exam procedures. These guidelines are frequently reviewed and updated, and are subject to change without notice.

Violation of the University Testing Center's policies may result in one or more of the following consequences:

  • Dismissal from your testing session and/or invalidation of your scores
  • A $20 fine and an administrative hold placed on your student account
  • Being ineligibile to take ACCUPLACER at the University of Nevada, Reno in the future and/or to transfer in ACCUPLACER scores from an outside institution