Testing security

The University Testing Center is committed to providing a secure environment in which to administer exams on behalf of University of Nevada, Reno faculty and external exam partners. We achieve this by providing secure facilities, up-to-date technology, comprehensive policies and procedures, and well-informed and dedicated personnel.

Overview of testing security

  • Check-in process

    Prior to being admitted to their exam, every test taker must present a valid photo ID and leave all prohibited items in a locker (see our identification and prohibited items policies for more information). A staff member is stationed at the check-in desk at all times to ensure that all test takers are properly identified and to prevent, to the extent practicable, prohibited items from being taken into the testing room.

  • Testing room access

    Only test takers and staff are permitted in the testing room. Test takers must present their ID to a proctor whenever they enter or leave the testing room. As a general rule, test takers are expected to complete their exam in one sitting, and may not leave the testing room during an exam (e.g., for a restroom break).

    Testing Center staff have been instructed not to refuse a restroom break to a test taker who requests one; however, lengthy or excessive breaks or leaving the immediate vicinity of the Testing Center while on a break will be reported.

  • Live proctoring

    At least one human proctor is stationed in the testing room at all times, with additional proctors added during peak hours to maintain an approximate student-to-proctor ratio of 25:1. Proctors regularly circulate the testing room to observe exam sessions in process and to ensure the general environment is conducive to testing.

    Proctors are expected to actively and continuously monitor testing room activity. As such, they are not permitted to use their cell phones or other devices while on duty in the testing room.

  • Computer monitoring

    Testing Center computers are equipped with monitoring software. Staff are able to view and take screenshots of activity on testing computers from the proctor workstation.

  • Suspected misconduct

    Test takers must agree to abide by all University policies regarding academic integrity and conduct as a condition of using the Testing Center. If a staff member suspects that a test taker is cheating, or otherwise engaging in misconduct, the following process will be followed:

    Witness: The staff member will observe the test taker’s behavior. Whenever possible, a second staff member will be asked to observe the test taker to confirm whether the behavior amounts to a suspected violation.

    Investigate/intercede: If it appears that a violation may be taking place, the staff member(s) will collect/confiscate any available evidence to document the suspected violation (e.g., screenshots, unauthorized materials/aids, photographs). If a prohibited electronic device has been brought into the testing room, the test taker will be required to return it to their locker.

    Notify: The staff member(s) will write an incident report which describes the incident in detail. The Testing Center Coordinator will notify the faculty member of record, and provide any evidence collected during the incident. If the faculty member decides to file charges under UAM 6,502, the Testing Center will cooperate in any way necessary.