Approved test materials

The University Testing Center aims to strike a balance between the need for a uniformly secure testing environment and the individual preferences of faculty. We have developed the following list of approved test aids that faculty can choose to permit during their exams.

Permitted testing materials

  • Scratch paper

    The student will be provided two sheets of blank 8.5” x 11” paper, with a Testing Center watermark and two pencils. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide lined or graph scratch paper.

  • Blue book of notes

    Students can purchase blue books in the Wolf Shop. At check-in, the proctor will examine the pages for suspicious materials. Students may use only one blue book on an exam.

  • Note sheet/note card

    The note sheet/card can be filled out on both sides. At check-in, the proctor will examine the note sheet/card for proper size and any suspicious content.

    • Size options: 8.5” x 11” (or smaller), 6” x 9” (or smaller), 3” x 5” (or smaller)
    • Print options: Handwritten or typed, handwritten only
  • Instructor-provided handout

    Before your exam opens, please deliver or mail your handout to the Testing Center (mail stop 0081). Please include your name and class at the top, and make sufficient copies for every student you expect to take the exam. We will store your handout in a locked file and have it ready to give your students when they arrive.

  • Headphones

    The student must supply their own headphones or earbuds. Use of headphones is for exams with a listening component only (e.g., foreign language, music appreciation). Students are not permitted to listen to their own audio media during an exam.

  • Calculators

    If you permit the use of a calculator on your exam, we recommend requiring students to use calculators provided by the Testing Center. We have a supply of TI-30IIx scientific calculators, which perform a wide range of functions but do not have memory storage.

    You have the option of allowing students to bring and use their own calculators. At check-in, the proctor will examine the calculator for any suspicious material written or placed inside/on the calculator. Please be advised, however, that exam content can be copied onto calculators with memory storage.

    Calculator options: Any calculator, Testing Center-provided calculator only

    The following calculator types are not permitted:

    • Calculators with a dedicated alphabetic or QWERTY-style keyboard
    • Calculators which connect to the internet (e.g., TI-Nspire)
    • Calculator apps on smartphones, tablets, computers, etc.

To maintain security and reduce the opportunity for students to remove exam content from the testing room, all paper materials permitted during an exam (scratch paper, note card, etc.) will be collected before the student exits the testing room, and shredded.