Testing identification requirements

All test takers will be required to present a valid and acceptable form of identification prior to being admitted to their exam session. Subject to this policy, the Testing Center staff has discretion for determining the validity of any ID presented.

General rules for identification

The following rules apply to all identification documents:

  • Must be an original document (photographs, copies, scans, faxes and emails of documents are not acceptable)
  • Must bear the test taker’s full name, in Latin characters, as it appears on the test taker’s registration
  • Must bear a recent, recognizable photograph the clearly resembles the test taker
  • Must not be expired
  • Must be issued by a valid government authority or educational institution

Acceptable and unacceptable identification

Third-party exams and identification

Third-party exam sponsors often have stricter or more specific ID requirements, which supersede this policy if a conflict exists. Individuals taking third-party sponsored exams are encouraged to verify their exam sponsor’s identification requirements prior to coming to the Testing Center.