Planetarium Store

The Science Store is located inside the lobby of the Fleischmann Planetarium and open daily during regular hours. All store purchases are tax exempt and revenue from sales helps support the Planetarium's outreach and education programs.

Planetarium Members and teachers receive 10% discounts on all purchases.

Space: Planets, Stars, and Beyond

Astronomy and Deep Space

Space: Habitation and Exploration

Hangers with space jackets and a wall with a rack of Planetarium toys

Robots and Astronauts: Working in Space

Physics: Things that Move

Boxes of space models and row of rolled-up posters

Newton's Laws of Motion in Action!

Physics: Light and Sound

Ball with electrode lights shining in it

Waves on the Spectrum of Electromagnetism

Geology: Cyrstals, Volcanoes and Rocks

Model sets on the shelf for science experiments

Process that Shape Our Planet

Chemistry: Secret Formulas

Row of science experiment boxes for purchase at Planetarium

Slime, Goop, Ooze, Putty and Plasma

Featured Item: Celestial Buddies

Green and pink celestial buddy stuffed animal