Exhibit Hall

The Exhibit Hall is open daily, with changing hands-on interactive displays and immersive permanent exhibits that extend the planetarium experience.


Inside view of hallway on International Space Station

Living in Space

This exhibit explores what the Earth looks like from orbit, and how humans adapt to living in space.

Model of earth inside Planetarium exhibit hall

Our Earth

This exhibit examines our world as a whole, its relation to other bodies in our solar system, artificial satellites, and the unique conditions on our planet that make life possible.

Model size image of the moon in Planetarium exhibit hall

Our Moon

Centered around an existing highly detailed model of the Moon, this exhibit follows the manned and robotic study of the lunar surface as the furthest point humans have ventured from Earth.

Piece of asteroid on display in Planetarium exhibit hall

Our Solar System

A panoramic view of the other planets around the Sun, as well as their many moons, minor planets, comets, and asteroids. This exhibit displays our meteorite collection as a meteoroid field that visitors may wander through, featuring the massive one-ton Quinn Canyon meteorite, on loan from the Field Museum of Chicago.

Purple nebula in outer space

Deep Space

A journey into the cosmos, with a black hole simulator, images of our galaxy and the large-scale structure of the Universe, including NASA ViewSpace - a video program from the Space Telescope Science Institute, updated weekly.

NASA land rover and mannequin wearing NASA space suit

What's Up

A showcase stage for traveling exhibits and short-term exhibits of current space science projects from our partners across the University and beyond.