Multicultural Council

The Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) is the governing body and policy-making organization for the University of Nevada, Reno multicultural Greek community. Established in 2007, the Multicultural Greek Council was formed in order to launch a more diverse, cooperative existence between fraternities and sororities, better meet their individual and joint needs, and voice their concerns while maintaining good faith with the University. MGC meets every other Wednesday at 4pm in the Joe Crowley Student Union, Room 320 throughout the academic year to discuss pertinent issues in the community.

Multicultural Greek Council Executive Board

Multicultural Greek Council Membership

  • ΑΦΑ: Alpha Phi Alpha
  • ΑΦΓ: Alpha Phi Gamma
  • ΑΠΣ: Alpha Pi Sigma
  • ΔΣΘ: Delta Sigma Theta
  • ΓΡΛ: Gamma Rho Lambda
  • ΚΑΨ: Kappa Alpha Psi
  • ΚΔΧ: Kappa Delta Chi
  • ΚΦΛ: Kappa Phi Lambda
  • ΛΦΧ: Lambda Phi Xi
  • ΛΨΡ: Lambda Psi Rho
  • ΛΘΦ: Lambda Theta Phi
  • ΝΑΚ: Nu Alpha Kappa
  • ΩΔΦ: Omega Delta Phi
  • ΦΒΣ: Phi Beta Sigma
  • ΦΣR: Phi Sigma Ro
  • ΣΑΕΠ: Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi
  • ΣΩΝ: Sigma Omega Nu