About us


The University of Nevada's Fraternity and Sorority Life exists to promote a unified community of integrity, character, and cultural diversity. We foster academic, personal, and professional successes, continuously striving to improve ourselves and the community.


Members of the University of Nevada Fraternity and Sorority Community realize their personal and professional potential through their commitment to values-based decision making.


Scholarship: Fraternity and Sorority Life provides members with support and an atmosphere that fosters academic success and individual scholarship. We encourage each of our members in their studies, offering academic support programs, mentorship, establishing minimum academic standards for membership, and providing incentives and recognition for outstanding achievements.

Service: Fraternity and Sorority Life partners with the campus and local community to extend support and resources to organizations and initiatives in need. Each fraternity and sorority, as well as the Interfraternity, Multicultural Greek and Reno College Panhellenic Councils sponsor community service and philanthropic activities locally and nationally.

Unity: We foster positive relationships amongst our members, alumni, faculty, and administration through encouragement of social awareness, mutual understanding, open communication, and a constant commitment to the University.

Leadership Development: Each fraternity and sorority offers its members direct exposure to the development of leadership skills through a variety of executive and chair positions. Fraternity and Sorority Life also provides campus-level leadership experience and often serves as a stepping stone to other leadership opportunities and activities.

Experience: We provide lifelong connections between members, the University, and both local and national organizations. We build a unique campus experience defined by leadership opportunities, intramural athletics, social events, and memories based in tradition.

Student learning outcomes:

As a result of being engaged in our programs, collaborating with our staff, and being active within their organizations, Fraternity and Sorority Life members at the University of Nevada, Reno will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the importance of academic success by earning grade point averages above the all undergraduate average, as well as engaging in educational programming inside and outside of the classroom.
  • Understand the value of being an engaged member of society by volunteering and promoting philanthropy on campus and in their community.
  • Create meaningful relationships inside and outside of their organizations that will lead to a more unified community.
  • Identify their own leadership style that will help them lead their organizations and better the Fraternity and Sorority Community, campus, and society.
  • Recognize the presence of diversity within our community and understand the importance of working for social justice as it applies to the obligations of fraternal membership.