Online learning resources for students

Review your responsibilities as a student enrolled in an online class, and learn more about what you should expect (and what will be expected of you) to be successful.

Looking for an online class?

Civility and class conduct

Learn about your responsibilities in contributing to a positive learning environment for all.

Class materials copyright

Learn about restrictions that may apply in your online class related to reproduction of the content found therein.

Online class changes

Learn how changes in online classes might impact you as a student.

Incomplete policy

Learn how 'incompletes' are handled in online classes.


Learn the tenets of netiquette for online classes.

Links to outside sources

Learn what you should expect to find (or not find) when following links to external resources in your online class.

Technical requirements of online classes

Learn what is expected of you in terms of meeting specific technical requirements that may be in place to succeed in an online class.

Identity verification

Learn the policies and procedures around identity verification for online classes at the University of Nevada, Reno.

Testing accommodations

Learn how you can utilize alternative testing services for online classes.

Download a UNR Zoom background

Obtain a University of Nevada, Reno Zoom background.

Video assignments in WebCampus

Learn how to record and submit video for assignments in WebCampus.

Zoom for students

Information and guidance for students attending class sessions through Zoom can be found in the student guide for Zoom. Link to Zoom essential quick-start for students