Faculty development opportunities in online learning

The Office of Digital Learning facilitates a growing number of workshops and trainings to support faculty who teach online.

Online training courses

ODL’s Instructional Design & Educational Technology team has developed two in-depth trainings to introduce faculty to best practices in online learning. These courses are available asynchronously via WebCampus, meaning faculty can access them on their own time and take as long as they need to complete them.

  • Online Course Design Basics Training: Designed for faculty embarking on new asynchronous or synchronous online course development, this training explains how to design courses to meet federal requirements and the University Standards for Digital Instruction. Upon completion of this training, faculty will produce accessible, consistent, and meaningful content, activities, and audiovisual material, and will more effectively navigate and use the various tools in WebCampus.
    • Recommended for: Faculty developing a new online course.
    • Average completion time: 5-8 hours
  • Online Course Delivery Training: Designed for faculty who are new to teaching online and/or have taught online but would like to brush up on current best practices in online instruction. The training focuses on the actual teaching of an online course, including best practices in communication, grading and feedback, and creating a learning community.
    • Recommended for: Faculty teaching online
    • Average completion time: 2 hours

Live workshops

ODL’s Instructional Design & Educational Technology team also offer live workshops focused on a wide assortment of topics related to online learning, including tools and approaches that may help you in developing and teaching your course.

A few of the workshops related to online learning are listed below. You can learn more about these workshops or sign up on our Workshop Registration page. More are added throughout the semester, so please check back often!

  • Online Teaching Standards and Requirements: Learn about the University Standards for Digital Instruction, the set of standards developed to ensure quality in online courses.
  • Synchronous Online Learning Overview: This workshop provides an overview of the synchronous online classroom. Topics to be covered include, tools, strategies as well as some pros and cons.
  • Using Course Templates (30 min): Course templates provides a quick way to build your course on WebCampus. Learn how to import the course template (built by the Office of Digital Learning) from Canvas Commons and customize it to meet your needs.
  • Enhancing WebCampus Courses with Custom Pages: Learn how to jazz up your course to provide the student experience you envision through customized pages.
  • Creating Personalized WebCampus Banners: Learn how to create a custom-made banner using open-source images and free infographic software that welcomes your students to your WebCampus course.
  • Adding Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor to Tests: Learn how to add Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor to the tests/quizzes in your class that need to be proctored.
  • Using Respondus LockDown Browser for Online Exams: Learn how to use LockDown Browser and Monitor for online exams/quizzes/tests in your courses.
  • Camtasia Overview: Learn how to use Camtasia 2021 to create and edit video content. Learn options for handling audio and video content, how to edit and publish your video, and options for closed captioning.

Teach in 12 micro-learning events

The latest offering from ODL, Teach in 12 is a series of micro-learning virtual events focusing on specific areas of using technology in teaching. These 20-minute sessions (12-minute learning + 8-minute open discussion/Q&A) take place via Zoom. The current slate of offerings are listed on the Teach in 12 micro-learning events webpage.