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  • Accounting (M.Acc.)

    The accounting major provides students with the theories and procedures necessary to prepare them for the many facets of the accounting profession, such as public, industrial, managerial, tax and government accounting. Students gain the knowledge base and conceptual infrastructure needed to make valuable contributions as business professionals in a global economy.

  • Addiction Treatment (Minor)

    The Center for the Application of Substance Abuse Technologies provides training, technical assistance, evaluation, research and other services to support addiction prevention, treatment and recovery. Students can pursue undergraduate certificates and minors, as well as an advanced graduate certificate in addiction treatment services.

  • Business Administration (EMBA)

    Today's business leaders face increasingly complex responsibilities, demanding extensive knowledge of all functional areas of business. Maintaining and enhancing managerial and leadership capital is key to success. The objective of the business administration degrees are to prepare students for managerial and executive positions.

  • Business Analytics (M.S.)

    The online master of science in business analytics provides skills in data interpretation and analysis. Graduates will be able to combine an understanding of business needs with data analysis in order to develop smart business decisions supported by empirical evidence. 

  • Cybersecurity (M.S.)

    We offer cybersecurity education in an interdisciplinary environment that seeks to integrate technical expertise, business savvy and social context in developing holistic perspectives on cybersecurity challenges. Offered under the umbrella of the University's Cybersecurity Center, our cybersecurity degrees and programs equip graduates to provide industry-ready solutions to ever evolving cyber threats.

  • Endorsement to Teach Advanced Computer Science (partially online)

    The State of Nevada will soon require every high school to offer at least one year-long course in the field of computer science, leading to an increased need for educators that are qualified to teach computer science. Along with two programming courses, the State requires a computer science concepts course and a computer science methods course to obtain the Endorsement to Teach Advanced Computer Science.  These online courses can be completed as part of the endorsement and/or as part of the Master of Secondary Education Program at the University of Nevada, Reno. 

  • Education: Equity & Diversity in Education (M.S.)

    The equity and diversity in education program allows educators and those in related fields to enhance knowledge, skills and dispositions to work more effectively with individuals from diverse backgrounds. Multiple dimensions of human diversity are addressed through in the program, with special attention to gender, race/ethnicity, national origin, language, social class and exceptionality.

  • Education: Reading Curriculum & Instruction (M.Ed.)

    Literacy is essential to learning, multidimensional in nature and influenced by linguistic, psychological and sociocultural factors. We prepare and support teachers and researchers to better understand pressing literacy issues and to meet the literacy needs of every student. Students develop advanced knowledge in teaching reading, writing, spelling and vocabulary development.

  • Education: Special Education (M.Ed.)

    Three specialties within the master's degree in special education can be completed online: behavior analytic interventions in special education; generalist specialty and the specialty in intellectual disability.

  • Justice Management (MJM)

    This a special degree program offering a broad selection of courses including foundation courses in justice theory and process, essentials of justice management and courses specific to areas of concentration such as juvenile justice management, adult justice management and executive court and agency administration.

  • Nursing (RN to BSN, MSN, DNP)

    Nurses provide a range of health care services in a variety of settings, such as public health agencies and hospitals and work as clinicians, researchers, and health care policy advocates. The Orvis School of Nursing is a top option for training tomorrow's nurse professionals.

  • Public Health (MPH)

    Public health is a dynamic profession covering a broad spectrum of services. This program prepares graduates for employment in nearly any area of the public health industry. The comprehensive curriculum includes public health policy, finance and budget, health informatics, epidemiology and biostatistics.

  • Public Health Data Management and Analysis (Graduate Certificate)

    We’ve carefully designed this certificate to lay an interdisciplinary foundation for individuals crunching the numbers that drive critical health initiatives for at-risk populations. Your coursework will cover essential concepts in GIS and spatial analysis, biostatistics and epidemiological surveillance. As a result, you’ll emerge with the enhanced quantitative expertise required to collect, manage and evaluate a wide range of public health data.

  • Public Health Management (Graduate Certificate)

    Public health practitioners are looking to skilled leaders to provide the organization, direction and oversight required to implement critical programs in their communities. Our certificate in Public Health Management can help you play an instrumental role in realizing the vision for a healthier society while preparing to move into higher levels of leadership.

  • Public Health Program Development (Graduate Certificate)

    Through four multidisciplinary courses, you’ll explore issues in health equity, cultural competence, emergency preparedness, health administration and policymaking. Whether your goal is to pivot into a different area of your existing organization or advance in your current field, we can prepare you to make a widespread impact on at-risk populations and the public.

  • Renewable Energy (Graduate Certificate)

    We offer two programs in renewable energy, open to students in all fields, that are designed to complement their chosen field of study by exposing them to crucial technical, economic and social issues relevant to renewable energy. These interdisciplinary programs help students apply knowledge gained in their majors to alternative and renewable energy.

  • Social Work (MSW)

    Social work is a popular major among students who want to help others. Countless people today depend on aid and advice from social workers. The emotional rewards that come with helping clients can also be significant and keep social workers engaged in their field. We offer both undergraduate and graduate degree options, including a robust field experience training platform as well.

  • Sports Management (Graduate Certificate)

    The Graduate Certificate in Sports Management in the College of Business is designed for early- and mid-career sports industry professionals to hone their skills while gaining in-depth knowledge about the business of sport from industry leaders and College of Business faculty. The program is offered online, and includes a one-credit, two-day seminar in Lake Tahoe.