Raj Siddharthan

Raj Siddharthan

Contact Information


  • Ph.D., University of British Columbia, 1984
  • M.S., University of British Columbia, 1981
  • B.Sc., University of Sri Lanka, 1977

Research interests

  • Soil response under static and dynamic loading including liquefaction behavior
  • Dynamic behavior of rigid and flexible retaining walls
  • Dynamic pavement response to conventional and non-conventional vehicles
  • Pavement materials characterization
  • Effects of blast loading on saturated medium
  • Wave loading on offshore slopes
  • Transportation risk assessment studies

Past experience

  • Visiting Research Associate to Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, 2007
  • Visiting Research Associate to MIT, 1992
  • Funded projects from the National Science Foundation, Department of Transportation, Department of Energy, Department of Defense and numerous private firms

Other activities within engineering and teaching professions

  • Presented five short courses in Nevada and California on Liquefaction, Seismic Bridge Abutment Design, and Seismic Response
  • Delivered as many as 70 presentations in conferences, meetings, and seminars
  • Presented a week-long short course on Geotechnical Seismic Design at University of Costa Rica
  • Investigator (PI and Co. PI) of projects totaling more than $3.4 million from a wide variety of sources including, federal (NSF, ARO, DOE, NCHRP, Engineering Foundation), state (Nevada, California), and other sources (e.g. SCEC, EPRI, MCEER)
  • Developed many software programs- notable ones are TARA and 3D-Move. A modified version of TARA program is routinely used by WES in their seismic response analyses of dams. The 3D-Move software developed with funds from the federal government has a user base of 400 users in 40 countries
  • Served as a member of many ASCE Technical Committees (Soil Dynamics, Computer Applications, Shock and Vibratory Effects) and EERI and as a reviewer of proposals and reports for the NSF, ASCE, and US Army


  • 1996 EERI Student Research Paper Competition Award was presented to Mahmoud EL- Gamal. His paper was based on his Ph.D. work carried out under my supervision.
  • 1997 Shamsher Prakash Foundation Citation for work on Dynamic Soil Structure Interaction and Stability of Retaining Structures Under Earthquakes

Non-Academic Experience (selected list)

Dr. Siddharthan has been involved in a variety of consulting projects for a number firms including:

  • Klohn Leonoff Consultants, Vancouver
  • Komex Consultants, Calgary
  • Exxon, Houston
  • GAB Corporation, Sacramento
  • Welsh Engineers, Denver
  • Pezonella Associates, Reno
  • EIC Consultants, Denver; Golder Associates, Denver
  • Harding and Lawson Associates, Reno
  • WESTECH, Reno
  • Pacific Eng. & Analysis, El Cerrito
  • Marvin & Associates, Reno
  • CNI Consultants, Tucson
  • Wood Rodgers, Reno
  • Weidlinger Associates, New York (Verrazano-Narrows bridge retrofit)
  • Summit Engineers, Las Vegas
  • Robert Maddox & Associates

Courses taught

Undergraduate level

  • Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering
  • Foundation Engineering
  • Computer Applications in Civil Engineering
  • Strength of Materials
  • Retaining Structures
  • Earthquake Engineering
  • Numerical Methods in Civil Engineering

Graduate level

  • Advanced Geotechnical Engineering
  • Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering, also Long Distance to UNLV
  • Seepage and Slope Stability

Research Citations

Dr. Siddharthan's work has been cited by over1140 publications (scholar.google.com) with h-index of 16 and i10-index of 32.

Selected Reviewed Publications (Abridged List):

Dr. Siddharthan has authored more than 180 journal and conference publications. A complete list of publications is available on his website.

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