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Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship Program

Program information and requirements are available on the Nevada Treasurer’s Website.

How the University Disburses the Funds:

  • Full-time enrollment in a minimum of 12 credits of coursework is required. Remedial coursework may be included in the 12 credit requirement. However, the scholarship cannot pay the fees for remedial coursework.
  • The amount is a maximum $960 per semester.
  • The scholarship is applied to the student’s account at the beginning of each semester.  If charges remain after the scholarship disburses the student is responsible for paying them.
  • Direct deposit into the student’s checking account is available if a student has enrolled in this option through the MyNEVADA finances section of the Student Center Dashboard and residual funds remain after the account is paid in full.
  • Financial aid may be revised to accommodate the receipt of other funds such as an additional scholarship when the total of all aid exceeds the student’s budget. 

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