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Program Timeline


More details can be found in the EECB bylaws and the University Graduate School forms. You can use our site to submit your EECB program specific progression forms.

Year 1    |    Year 2    |    Year 3    |    Years 4 & 5    |    Graduating (Year 5 or 6)

Year 1

First Semester

Second Semester

Year 2

First Semester

  • Recommended Courses—Colloquium (EECB 794), Statistics (course recommended by committee), other courses recommended by committee

Second Semester

  • Recommended Courses—Colloquium (EECB 794), Research Design (EECB 750), other courses recommended by committee

Year 3

By the end of the third year, doctoral students should complete the comprehensive exam and have their dissertation proposal approved by their committee.

Program Changes

Years 4 & 5

Students should be finished with their course work (i.e., signed up only for dissertation credits and possibly colloquium) and focused on research, grants (especially the NSF dissertation improvement grant) and publishing. No forms are required.

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