Program timeline


Year one

First semester

  • Complete your entrance interview
  • Transfer your previous graduate credits through the Graduate School, if applicable
  • Recommended courses—Colloquium (EECB 794), Principles of Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology (EECB 703)

Second semester

  • Form your official committee
  • Submit your declaration of advisor through the Graduate School
  • Submit your program of study through the Graduate School
  • Recommended courses—Colloquium (EECB 794), Rotation (EECB 701), Statistics (course recommended by committee)

Year two

By the end of the second year, doctoral students should complete the comprehensive exam and have their dissertation proposal approved by their committee.

First semester

  • Recommended Courses—Colloquium (EECB 794), Statistics (course recommended by committee), other courses recommended by committee

Second semester


Year three

Program changes

  • Change your program of study
  • Change your advisory committee
  • Request a leave of absence

You can find these forms within the Graduate School forms.


Year four and five

Students should be finished with their course work (i.e., signed up only for dissertation credits and possibly colloquium) and focused on research, grants (especially the NSF dissertation improvement grant) and publishing. No forms are required.


Graduating (Year five or six)