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Indira Chatterjee

Dr. Indira Chatterjee

Associate Dean of Engineering and Professor of Electrical and Biomedical Engineering

(775) 784-1350

M. Sami Fadali

M. Sami Fadali, Ph.D.

Professor and Chair

(775) 784-6951

Hanif Livani

Dr. Hanif Livani

Assistant Professor

(775) 784-6013 | SEM 329

bahram parvin

Dr. Bahram Parvin


(775) 682-6863 | SEM 337B

Banmali Rawat

Dr. Banmali Rawat


(775) 784-1457

Yantao Shen

Dr. Yantao Shen

Associate Professor

(775) 784-6918

Jihwan Yoon

Dr. Jihwan Yoon


(775) 784-6927

Xiaoshan Zhu

Xiaoshan Zhu, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

(775) 682-6298

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