Our majors & minors

Three students and a professor work at a bank of servers simulating a power grid

Electrical engineering major

A degree in electrical engineering prepares students to develop solutions to urgent problems in areas including generating and regulating electric power supplied to the home, manipulating signals for communication purposes, and designing specialized circuits.

Major in electrical engineering


A student uses a pipette to fill a test tube in a biomedical engineering lab

Biomedical engineering major

Biomedical engineering is a broad field that involves using technology to solve medical problems. Our biomedical engineering program emphasizes the fundamentals of electrical engineering, including instrumentation, sensors, signal processing, and advanced image processing.

Major in biomedical engineering

A green chalkboard in a empty lab covered in equations and design sketches

Engineering physics major

If you want a background in engineering science, based on a firm foundation of physics, as well as an introduction to computer science, engineering physics could be the major for you. This degree also prepares you to pursue graduate studies in physics or engineering.

Major in engineering physics


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