Electrical engineering internship program

Practical experience is an important part of an engineering education, and we strongly encourage students to pursue internships at companies both within and outside Nevada.

Getting credit for your internship

Students are eligible for up to three units of academic credit that can be applied toward the bachelor's degree program in electrical engineering as a senior technical elective.

To be eligible for credit, you must have at least sophomore standing within the department. You must also follow the steps below:

Step 1: Meet with Dr. Commuri before enrolling for internship credit.

Dr. Commuri will be the instructor of record for the internship. You will need to prepare a pre-internship proposal and submit it to Dr. Commuri. The proposal must include:

  • Dates for the internship
  • Description of internship duties
  • Method of evaluation and supervision
  • Number and type of academic credits to be given upon successful completion of the internship
  • The academic component of the internship

Step 2: Get approval for your internship

Dr. Commuri will make the final determination of the academic quality of the experience and, if approved, will refer you to Joseph Bozsik (jbozsik@unr.edu), Internship & Career Support Coordinator, for completion of internship paperwork.

For more information on internships, visit the College of Engineering internship page

Step 3: Submit all required paperwork before beginning your internship

  • Student learning agreement
  • Liability waiver
  • Intern-site agreement
  • A copy of the intern site's certificate of general liability insurance

Step 4: Enroll in EE 296, EE 396 and/or EE 496.

Each course offers 1 unit of credit for a maximum of 3 credits.

Step 5: Meet minimum hourly requirements

  • Students working at least 20 hours/week during fall, spring or summer semesters are eligible for 1 cred
  • Students working at least 40 hours/week during the summer can enroll for 2 credits

During  your internship

You must submit a mid-term report to Dr. Commuri.

After your internship

You must submit a final report to Dr. Commuri.

Your supervisor must also fill out an evaluation report at the end of your internship. It is your responsibility to make sure your supervisor fills out the online evaluation form.


If you are receiving credit for your internship, Dr. Commuri will assign a grade based on your proposal and internships reports as well as your supervisor's evaluation of your work.