Electromagnetics exam

Examiner: Dr. Jihwan Yoon, jihwany@unr.edu


  1. Engineering Electromagnetics, William H. Hayt, Jr. and John A. Buck
  2. Field and Wave Electromagnetics, David K. Cheng
  3. Electromagnetics, John D. Krauss
  4. Microwave Engineering, David M. Pozar (for microstrip lines)

Areas covered

  1. Vector analysis, electrostatic fields, steady magnetic fields: Basic concepts, applications and boundary conditions
  2. Time varying fields and Maxwell's equations: Integral and differential forms, significance, applications to simple geometries and boundary value problems
  3. Plane wave propagation: Reflection and transmission at different boundaries
  4. Introduction to TEM transmission lines, impedance matching and use of Smith chart, rectangular waveguides, microstrip lines

Sample Exam

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