Appointment policies and procedures

The University Writing & Speaking Center (UWSC) offers in-person and online consultations. You can choose to meet with us in-person, online asynchronously, using targeted marginal comments and a letter, or synchronously, using live chat or video options.

  • The UWSC schedule consists of 45-minute time blocks.
  • For the asynchronous option, you will need to attach your double-spaced, .docx or .rtf paper, and you will receive your response via email.
  • For the synchronous option, you will have to the option of audio only or audio and video on your appointment form.
    • You will NOT receive an email with a link.
    • To begin your synchronous appointment, log back in to this website and open your appointment by clicking on the yellow box on the day and time of your appointment. A pop-up window will open, click "Start or Join Online Consultation" (in pink lettering).
    • If the synchronous window is not opening after you click "Start or Join Online Consultation," make sure your pop-up blocker is turned off for the browser you are using and then try the link again.

Undergraduate students may receive up to one 45-minute appointment of writing and speaking/presenting support each day the Writing & Speaking Center is open (this policy applies to all schedules).

Graduate students may receive up to one and a half (two 45-minute appointments) hours of writing and speaking/presenting support with a consultant. Graduate students are limited to one 1.5 hour appointment per week, but are welcome to make appointments with our consultants (up to 1 appointment a day) for their remaining two appointments.

All students are limited to six (6) appointments per week or 4.5 hours.

To ensure that students seeking writing support receive consultations, the University Writing & Speaking Center has a strict cancellation policy. Students can cancel consultations in our WCOnline system up to 30 minutes prior to the start of the session; additionally, students can call (775) 784-6030 or email to cancel consultations. Students who miss scheduled consultations without notifying the Writing Center prior to the start time will be blocked from making new appointments until they contact Writing & Speaking Center administration to discuss reactivation of the account.