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Hi. I'm a senior with a double major in political science and philosophy (law, ethics, and politics specialization). In my free time, I like to watch movies, listen to podcasts, talk about music, and take long naps. When it comes to writing papers, organization and thesis-writing are my specialty! If you would like some help with organization, thesis-writing, brainstorming, or pretty much anything else grammar-wise, I've got you covered. I'm looking forward to a great semester.


Hey there! I'm currently an English writing major with a minor in journalism. I love writing fiction, mainly fantasy/horror, as well as developing games with friends in my free time. If you ever need help with academic or creative writing, especially when it comes to structure or brainstorming, let me know!


I'm Alex, and I currently major in business administration with an emphasis in marketing and a minor in English writing. I've been writing creative fictions since forever and now specialize in characterization and plot development. With academic writing, I love brainstorming with fellow students and have a keen eye for idea analysis and argumentative essays. My main objective is to establish trust and comfort between us so your best ideas come forward. If I'm not hanging around the Writing & Speaking Center, you can find me cooking dinner for anyone willing to eat, reading random books from local bookstores, chiseling at new mixtapes, and writing some original or fan works. Here's to a semester working together-Cheers!


Hey! I'm Alex and I'm double majoring in English and education with a minor in Spanish. One day I hope to be an English teacher. I'm happy to help with anything, but I especially enjoy English and Core Humanities papers. My strengths involve developing a strong thesis and organizing ideas. Outside of the Writing Center, I'm also a dance instructor, avid traveler, and proud but exhausted puppy mom. I look forward to working with you and am eager to help in any way I can!


Hello. I’m majoring in English literature and minoring in philosophy with a focus on ethics, law, and politics. I’m able to help at any point in the writing process, and my favorite types of essays to work on are analyses, CH papers, and syntheses. My dream is to become a literature professor someday. I secretly love to paint, and napping is my passion. I look forward to seeing you this semester!


My name is Charis and I am a journalism major with minors in theatre and communication studies. I have always loved writing, and I am also passionate about music, film, philosophy and photography. My strengths lie in the humanities and journalistic writing, but I love learning new things, so I'll be eager to help you out no matter what you're working on!


Hello! My name is Chloe and I am a biology major, anthropology minor and a member of the University of Nevada's Greek community. My greatest strength is writing and interpreting scientific papers. However, I would be more than happy to help you with any writing assignment you may have. I am passionate about activities such as traveling, hiking and camping. I look forward to helping you and getting to know you!


Salutations! I am an English writing major with a linguistics minor. Writing has always been something I enjoy. Poetry and creative writing are my two favorite areas of English composition. When I'm not working at the university, I like to converse with friends and fellow students about anything and everything; I love to chat!


Hello! My name is Conrad, and I am pursuing an M.A. in communication studies. I did my undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto in economics and psychology. I would be more than happy to work together on any kind of paper/project/presentation although my strengths lie in research papers and lab assignments/reports. Outside of academics, I am passionate about basketball and music. I look forward to collaborating!


Hi! I am seeking a dual degree in nutrition (dietetics) and nutritional sciences with a minor in psychology. I have a knack for brainstorming anything from literature reviews to advanced scientific research paper. Additionally, I enjoy developing thesis statements and incorporating sources. I am also involved in Greek life and can always be found drinking coffee. 


Hey everyone! I am majoring in in speech pathology and audiology and am pursuing a minor in psychology. Although I’m happy to help with any topic at any point in the writing process, I am most comfortable with persuasive essays, literature reviews, or research papers in the health and social sciences. I also have experience communicating in American Sign Language. Outside of class, you can find me dancing, discussing Harry Potter fan-theory, or chowing down on some Indian food. I’m excited to work with you this semester.


Hi everyone. I’m studying secondary education with an emphasis in social studies and a minor in English. I enjoy brainstorming research topics and discussing synthesis/analysis. I’m most familiar with MLA and APA; however, I’m happy to consult on any style or genre you may be concerned with. In my free time, I enjoy exploring the Reno-Tahoe area, which serves as inspiration for my paintings


Hi guys! My name is Jill, and I am majoring in biology and minoring in biophysical chemistry. I love working on Core Humanities papers as well as creative and argumentative papers during any stage of the writing process. In my free time, I love to binge watch Gilmore Girls (or whatever show I'm currently obsessed with on Netflix), get boba tea, and hang out with friends. I'm so excited to meet and work with you!


Hey guys! I'm majoring in history with a minor in Japanese studies. I'm comfortable helping with any paper, but I love history and argumentative assignments. I'm also familiar with some Japanese grammar if that's helpful to any students. In my free time, I enjoy reading, painting, and playing video games. I look forward to meeting you.


Hi everyone! I am majoring in public health. My strengths are sentence structure, creative writing, brainstorming, and word choice; however, I will be happy to help with any stage of the writing process. Outside of class and the Writing Center, you can find me at the gym or on the rugby field as I am a fitness fanatic. I love to hike, paddle board, snowboard, bake, and try new things. I am excited to work with you!


Hi! I am majoring in computer science and minoring in mathematics. In regards to writing, I enjoy working with grammar, sentence structure, research papers, and Core Humanities papers. As to be expected, I love computers and anything technology based. I plan on making this a great semester and look forward to working with you.


Hello! I am in my third year, studying veterinary science with minors in anthropology, biology, and chemistry. I have a strong scientific background, but I enjoy writing in the liberal arts as well as argumentation and rhetorical analysis. My strengths are brainstorming, organization, and thesis development. I am a puppy raiser for Guide Dogs for the Blind, and I often have a guide dog puppy in training with me!


Hello everyone! I'm a graduate student pursuing my master's degree in educational leadership. I also received my bachelor's degree from Nevada in journalism with an emphasis in strategic communications and a minor in anthropology. Outside of school and work, I like to spend my free time traveling, being outdoors, reading, and hanging out with my friends and family. I look forward to meeting you!


Hello! I am a psychology major with a minor in HDFS. I have a passion for helping people in all regards, which is why I hope to become a therapist and psychologist. I also enjoy being a Writing Consultant and Peer Advisor at UNR. Whether it is helping you with brainstorming or just reminding you that you're confident enough to write a brilliant paper, I am happy and eager to help. I bring positivity, creativity, and confidence to every consultation, and I look forward to hearing how I can make that happen for you. When I'm not on campus, you can find me at Lake Tahoe kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking, and enjoying the outdoors.


Hello. I am currently studying neuroscience and am hoping to specialize in genetics. I really enjoyed my Core Humanities courses and love exploring the texts that accompany them. My previous experience with theater helps me come up with new and exciting ways to express ideas. In my free time, I love to hike, read, camp, and do complex jigsaw puzzles.


Hi! I'm Krisna, an English language and linguistics major with a minor in world history. I love working in the humanities. I have experience with science-oriented papers, and I am happy to help you with any part of the writing process! If I'm not at the Writing & Speaking Center, I'm probably painting, writing or geeking out on the brilliance of Skyrim. I look forward to helping you strengthen your writing.


Hey there! I am studying neuroscience with a minor in ceramics. I hope to go to medical school after my undergrad and become a psychiatrist. I would be most helpful in brainstorming, argumentation, organization, and creative writing. In my free time I enjoy painting, reading, stargazing, road trips, and spending time with friends. I look forward to meeting you!


Hello. I am an anthropology student pursuing an MA in historical archaeology. Given my background, I am most familiar working with writing related to the humanities and social sciences, though I am comfortable offering assistance with a range of written work that extends beyond those areas. I enjoy reading, music, and interesting conversation. I hope your semester goes well, and I look forward to being of service.


Hey there! I’m a community health sciences major with a pre-nursing emphasis. With that being said, science-based courses are definitely my strengths, and I’ve had a fair amount of experience with lab reports and research papers. When I’m not constantly studying or chilling  at my favorite place, the Writing Center, I enjoy long distance running, cooking new foods, and playing with my two pugs. I look forward to meeting and working with you this semester.


Hello! My name is Leo Demski, and I'm a MA graduate student in anthropology. My research focuses on history, archaeology and museums, especially pertaining to technological change, westward expansion, the pioneer period in the west, and culture contact. In addition to social science and humanities writing, I've also had lots of experience in technical writing and love to help people craft logical arguments, brainstorm ideas, and think creatively. In my life outside of graduate school (is there life outside of graduate school?), I'm a passionate artist, photographer, book collector, and emitter of puns. I'm looking forward to helping you be a better writer!


Hey there! I'm Lindsey, and I'm majoring in English Literature and minoring in Spanish. I'm most comfortable with English and Core Humanity assignments, but I'm always down to work with other fields of study, so please bring in your cool science projects! I'm also really fond of brainstorming sessions and helping out with organization. But writing's not the only thing I like, and I can often be found listening to music, hitting up cafés, and soliciting cats for pets, so feel free to chat me up about any of those. Looking forward to meeting you!


Hi! I’m majoring in geological engineering and minoring in European history. I’m a diehard history buff, so whereas others may loathe them, I love to work with Core Humanities, history, and all manners of research papers. Also I’m an amateur “expert” in sci-fi and fantasy movies if you’re looking to critique pop culture.


Hello! I am an undergraduate student working towards a dual major in political science and international affairs along with a minor in Spanish. I enjoy working with argumentative essays, as well as reading and analyzing papers in the subjects of history, political science, international affairs, and Core Humanities. My hobbies include reading, watching films, and swimming. My favorite book is The Catcher in the Rye and my favorite film is Stand by Me. Some of my interests include comic books, superheroes, the season of autumn, and George Judy, my tortoise. I look forward to writing with you!


Hi! I am an English writing major. Although I work best with rhetorical, creative, and argumentative pieces, I enjoy helping with any type of writing. Along with writing, I am passionate about reading and learning French. In my free time, I enjoy cross stitching and hiking. I look forward to working with you!


Hey guys! I’m currently majoring in psychology with a specialization in research and a minor in cultural anthropology. I enjoy working with argumentative essays and feel comfortable offering assistance with building a strong introduction and conclusion and creating smooth transitions. During my free time, I enjoy binge watching Netflix and taking walks through the town. I hope to meet you soon!


Hey! I am a fourth year engineering student. I specialize mainly in engineering, English, and Core Humanities writing assignments, but odds are I can help you with whatever you bring in. Outside of school, I occupy my time by snowboarding, playing guitar, and buying stuff on Craigslist. I look forward to meeting with you this semester.


Hello. I am a graduate student studying literature with an emphasis in Modernism. I do enjoy reading and analysis, including literature and Core Humanities. I would be happy to go over reading material and further your conceptual understanding and analysis. Obviously, I enjoy literature, but I do have other interests like playing guitar and listening to music and podcasts


Hello. I am a pre-nursing major who aspires to be a nurse practitioner. I served four years in the army as a medic, so I have experience working with physicians, nurses, and writing SOAP notes. Additionally, my involvement with the debate team has made me quite fond of both persuasive and philosophical writing. Despite being a nursing major, Core Humanities is one of my favorite classes, so I would be thrilled to assist you there. My hobbies include collecting vinyl, lifting weights, and reading.


Hi there! I’m a CHS Public Health major, with a minor in Spanish. My studies fall in the sciences, but I have a deep love for Core Humanities classes. I can help you in any stage of the writing process: from brainstorming to final revisions and everything else between. When I’m not in class or working, I spend my free time at the gym, reading, painting, or watching Netflix. I look forward to helping you out this semester!


Hello! I am currently a triple major studying political science, international affairs, and philosophy with a focus on ethics, law, and politics. I am most confident within the social sciences and humanities. My writing strengths include brainstorming ideas and thesis development, but I can help with any stage of the writing process. My interests include political involvement and listening to podcasts. I also love to travel; I studied abroad in Accra, Ghana!


Hey there! I’m studying for my B.A. in psychology with a research specialization and a minor in statistics. I’m here for you at any stage in the writing process, and I can definitely help with creative and argumentative writing. My life is the arts (especially music and drawing) and geeky things like Pokemon and YouTube. I also enjoy learning languages and am moderately familiar with Spanish and Japanese. I look forward to meeting and working with you!


Hi. I’m a graduate student in political science with an emphasis in electoral politics. In term of my writing strengths, I am most knowledgeable in history, political science, community health science, and Core Humanities. I especially enjoy reading literature reviews and learning the endless quirks and intricacies of the Chicago Manual of Style. In my free time, I enjoy writing poetry, playing video games, and trying my sanity by obsessing over politics. I look forward to meeting you.


Hey! I am pursuing a double major in Spanish Language and Journalism with an emphasis in public relations in addition to a minor in Business Administration. I love all types of writing, but am most knowledgeable with AP Style, English papers, and core humanities. In my free time, you can find me editing photos, reading outside, writing, enjoying coffee, or doing yoga. My goals are to travel far and wide for the remainder of my life and become fluent in Spanish. I look forward to writing with you!


Bonjour! My name is Rendle, and I am pursuing a B.A. in French with a minor in English linguistics. My interests include astrophysics, runway modeling, and Pathfinder RPG. I am happy to help with anything, but I especially enjoy research papers, literary analyses, and poetry. I can also be of assistance with grammar, organization, Core Humanities, lab reports, and French papers.


Hi! I am studying English literature with a minor in Chinese studies. I am interested in any subject but have always loved English and Chinese (Mandarin). In my free time, I love Instagramming my pup (@derdaisyder), reading Murakami at coffee shops, and listening to music. I can’t wait to work with you on your writing.


Hello! I am double majoring in theatre with an acting focus and English with a writing focus, as well as double minoring in music and videography. I’ve got a ton of experience with papers based on analyzing, exploring, or creating anything art related, but I’m more than happy to help with any subject. In my free time, I try to do as much creative writing as I can without going crazy as well as play video games and read all the books I’ve accumulated. I can’t wait to talk about writing with you!


Hi! I'm a speech pathology and audiology student with a minor in addiction treatment services. I've spent most of my life with my nose in a book. You can always catch me reading or writing something down, so I would love to have a conversation about reading or writing strategies. I like working on argumentative and research type essays but am also familiar with APA style papers. Here's to a great semester!


Hello! I’m majoring in material science engineering. Because of this discipline, my strengths lie in creating organized ideas and concise language. Outside of writing, I am a free spirit that rock climbs and plays chess. I look forward to working with you this semester!