Graduate students

The Writing & Speaking Center offers graduate students appointments with any of our consultants. Graduate students may use a total of 3.75 hours of support a week, which can be used in 45-minute to 1.5 hours (two 45-minute appointments) blocks of time. We also offer special graduate student only times; please visit our schedule for more information.

In addition to one-on-one consultations, the University Writing & Speaking Center offers specialized support to dissertators and thesis writers.

Presentation And Writing Support (PAWS) for Graduate Students

The Writing & Speaking Center offers a program to graduate students who are working research projects with significant presentation and/or writing components: Presentation And Writing Support (PAWS) for graduate students. (This program was formerly called the DATA, or Dissertation and Thesis Assistance, program.) This might include research proposals (including funding requests), theses, dissertations, research articles for publication, conference presentations, job interview presentations, and more. PAWS allows graduate students the option to be paired with the same consultant over the course of one semester (3 visits minimum) or a full year (5 visits minimum). Initial meetings between graduate students and their PAWS fellow include planning a working agenda for the semester or academic year.

Consultations will accommodate individual graduate student’s writing and speaking/presenting needs and process, according to their graduate schedule. Graduate students can use consultations to improve literature reviews, methodology sections, formatting, organization, readability, or any other aspect of writing and speaking/presenting.

PAWS fellows are limited, so requests are encouraged at the beginning of academic semesters for priority consideration.

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Graduate writing groups

The Writing & Speaking Center is hosting facilitated writing groups for graduate students working on theses, dissertations, grant proposals, presentations, or article submissions.

If you are interested in participating in a Graduate Writing Group, please contact Maureen McBride.

Helpful blogs for graduate students

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