Conversation Partner Program

We are currently accepting applications for our Conversation Partners program for Spring 2024 until February 2. All applications received after February 2 will be added to our waitlist.

The University Writing & Speaking Center (UWSC) coordinates conversation partners to offer opportunities for international students and scholars a non-threatening way to practice English with a native speaker and build cross-cultural relationships. This voluntary program pairs international students and scholars with domestic students and scholars for weekly conversations and open dialogue. Native and nonnative speakers will expand their cultural knowledge, make friends and build a network of professional contacts around the world.

Schedule and frequency

Conversation partners decide on times to meet that are convenient for them. We recommend meeting with your partner for an hour either once a week or once every other week through the end of the semester, if possible. Whatever time is decided, partners should agree on a consistent schedule. In addition to individual meetings, the UWSC will host activities during the semester when partners can meet. If a partner is not responding or making meetings, contact the UWSC.

Where to meet

Partners can meet in any public place that is suitable to both, and the university has many coffee shops, libraries, museums, or seating areas that are great places for conversation. Once you get comfortable with your partner, it may be a good idea to do activities with them. If you like the gym, you can arrange to go together. The University also has many fun and free events to attend with your partner. Be sure that the arrangements (where and when you will meet) are clear to both partners and you have each other’s contact information in case you cannot make it or get lost.

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