Writing and Speaking Initiative (WSI) Fellows

About us

The Writing and Speaking Fellows Program pairs experienced fellows — undergraduates trained to consult on specific disciplinary writing and speaking assignments — with courses across the disciplines. Fellows provide individual (and sometimes small-group) consultations to support writing or presentation assignments.

Duties and responsibilities

As a Writing and Speaking Fellow, you will be responsible for the following:

  • Training: Completing a six-week training sequence at the beginning of the semester that will prepare you to confidently and comfortably conduct consultations and provide multiple forms of feedback (~six hours per week).
  • Writing and speaking support: Meet with students in the selected course for two rounds of 45-minute consultations (~five to seven hours per week).

Why apply?

  • This role qualifies as an honors co-curricular experience and you’ll receive two co-curricular credits through the Honors College for your service!
  • You will build vital interpersonal and leadership skills by engaging in professional contexts.
  • You will gain excellent experience with networking and professionalizing by working directly with faculty in your discipline.
  • You will gain practical and hands-on experience working in educational and academic support contexts.

We’re looking for a student who:

  • Is currently enrolled as a student at the University of Nevada, Reno and has been a student in the Honors College for at least one semester
  • Has an interest in working with peers in educational support contexts
  • Has strong interpersonal skills
  • Wants to hone their writing and speaking skills in their discipline

How to apply

  • Click the application button below.
  • You will be asked to log in with your NetID and password.
  • Provide information for one academic reference (name, email, job title).
  • Respond thoughtfully and carefully to the following questions:
    1. Talk about a time you worked with someone with different values than you and the difference that created. How did you work across that difference?
    2. How would being a WSI fellow benefit your academic and professional goals?
    3. Talk about a time when you received effective feedback on an academic assignment. What did that feedback look like? What was the focus of the feedback?
  • Finally, in one Word document, provide one academic writing sample (max 5 pages) and a one-page reflection on why you selected that piece of writing.

WSI Fellows online application form

Additional information:

  • This is a non-paid position with an expected commitment of one semester. University of Nevada, Reno Honors College students will be eligible for two co-curricular credits upon successful completion and verification of the required number of hours for a co-curricular experience.
  • Students who participate in the Writing and Speaking Fellows co-curricular experience will be eligible to work as paid Writing and Speaking Center consultants following the completion of the co-curricular experience.