Grant writing and research proposal resources

At the University Writing & Speaking Center, we now offer services dedicated to grant and research writing. Our goal is to support students from all disciplines by providing one-on-one consultations, writing strategies, and a collection of selected resources and guides to suit each stage of the writing process. We welcome students new to this type of writing as well as experienced researchers and grant seekers looking to refine their proposals. Here you will find a selection of resources to help you get started on your next writing project.

Research proposal resources

These resources have been selected to help students that are applying for research awards or preparing to write a thesis. Here you'll find general advice on the style and structure of a research proposal, as well as specific information on writing abstracts and literature reviews.

Grant writing resources

These resources have been selected to help students familiarize themselves with the common features of grant applications, to offer students pursuing grant funding with writing strategies for specific stages in the grant application process and to provide advice on writing successfully for a variety of organizations and agencies.