Policies and regulations

  1. The Whittell Forest & Wildlife Area and the Little Valley Research Station properties are intended for use by students, faculty and collaborators for activities that meet the University and forest missions and visions. With the exception of outreach events, the properties are generally not open to use by friends and family members of forest users. Other uses may be approved at the discretion of the forest administration. Examples of potential uses under each category include (examples are not comprehensive):
    1. Research
      1. Sampling to fulfill a grant, graduate student project or undergraduate student project data collection needs
      2. Facility use for research seminars or writing workshops (e.g., grants, manuscripts, etc.)
    2. Teaching
      1. Field labs utilizing, in whole or in part, the forest, meadow and/or agricultural land (with no indoor access to facilities) of the Whittell Forest & Wildlife Area (2,650 acres) and/or the Little Valley Research Station (38 acres)
      2. Facility use for lab- or lecture-based classes (a monitor, high-speed Wi-Fi, and conference tables are included)
    3. Outreach
      1. Organizing community gatherings around wildfire preparedness and fire-adapted communities
      2. Leveraging the facility to meet National Science Foundation broader impacts requirements
  2. All users are required to sign a liability waiver and release form. No exceptions will be made. Users enter and use the properties at their own risk. Personal vehicle use is at the discretion of the driver.
  3. Use of the properties’ road networks, facilities and equipment lying therein requires approval from the forest administration.
  4. Only authorized users may drive motorized vehicles on the properties’ road system. All authorized vehicles must stay on established and recognized roads.
  5. Reservations are required for access and use and can be made using the reservation form. Reservations must include project details, contact information, required sampling permits and tentative dates.
  6. No campfires or open fires of any kind are allowed on the properties. Gas cooking stoves are allowed under supervision.
  7. Smoking of any kind is prohibited on University property.
  8. Alcohol consumption is prohibited per University policy.
  9. Firearms are prohibited on University property.
  10. Dogs are prohibited on the properties without express written permission from the forest administration.
  11. Wildlife is present on the properties. Be bear aware. Visitors will be required to lock up food and scented items in a University-provided bear-safe container or structure.
  12. Both the Whittell Forest & Wildlife Area and the area surrounding the Little Valley Research Station are natural areas and, as such, have potential risks or hazards associated with use, including but not limited to, inclement weather, serious personal injury due to slips or falls, wild animal attacks, or accidents due to negligence of users.
  13. The Little Valley Research Station is preserved under a conservation easement that limits use of herbicide, chemicals and other materials toxic to humans, plants or wildlife.