Purple Heart Recipient Fee Waiver

The Nevada Board of Regents provides a waiver of certain fees related to registration to eligible veterans who have been awarded the Purple Heart for their service in the U.S. Armed Forces or a child of such a veteran under certain eligibility requirements. An NSHE institution shall waive registration, laboratory and other mandatory fees for eligible students pursuant to Title 4, Chapter 17 of the Board of Regents Handbook and NRS 396.5443.

To determine if you are eligible, complete the form linked below and provide the required documentation to the Veterans Services office. The University may request additional information or documentation to verify eligibility.

The amount of the waiver must be equal to the balance of registration fees, laboratory fees, and other mandatory fees assessed against the student that remain unpaid after the student’s account has been credited with the full amount of any federal education benefits to which the student is entitled to for that semester; or if a student is not entitled to receive any federal education benefits for a semester, the full amount of the registration fees, laboratory fees, and any other mandatory fees assessed against the student for that semester. Federal education benefits include federal grants awarded based on completion of the FAFSA, Veterans Administration education benefits and/or the Veterans Administration Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment benefit.

Please note that the following fees are not eligible for the Purple Heart Fee Waiver:

  • Electronic course materials
  • Application fees
  • Student Health Insurance

View the Purple Heart Fee Waiver Form