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This is our why. This is our Center.

The Veteran and Military Center is a place on campus dedicated to supporting the transition of military-connected students through higher education, career and civic endeavors. For our students, the VMC is more than just a location. It upholds familiar traditions that many have experienced in the military, including camaraderie, respect and a sense of belonging. By demonstrating these values at its very foundation, the VMC helps students connect with others; use resources; and work towards academic, personal and professional goals while developing genuine friendships along the way.

Students benefit from spending time in the VMC and joining the Wolf Pack Veterans Club or Omega Delta Sigma because it creates accountability outside of themselves, provides an opportunity to network and gain leadership roles, and helps students stay informed about updated benefits and resource information. Veteran Services provides students with a place to be understood, valued and a part of something bigger than themselves.

Student testimonials

“It has all of the camaraderie and community that the military has without the restrictions and division of soldiers/sailors/airmen that exist in active duty.” - Tracie

“The friends one makes and the experiences make veteran services worth being a part of.” - Brian

“The people make it worth it. It feels as if one has known these individuals for a long time. It goes beyond just school.” - Abby

“The vet center is like a support system. I keep coming back because I like the people, the atmosphere, and the friendships I’ve made.” - Vance

What we offer

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Omega Delta Sigma

Omega Delta Sigma (ODS) is a national co-ed veteran and military fraternity. ODS accepts membership from students who are veterans, members of the National Guard, reserve soldiers or active-duty soldiers.


Both ASUN and GSA are committed to student success on campus. ASUN supports undergraduates, while GSA supports graduates.

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Wolf Pack Vets

Wolf Pack Vets is a student-led organization that strives to help its members succeed academically. Anyone with a background in military service is welcomed to join, including veterans, members of the National Guard, reserve soldiers, active-duty soldiers and dependents.

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Veteran Services is regularly looking for student and faculty volunteers to help out with our events. We understand that individuals have different interests and availabilities, so we encourage volunteers to choose a volunteer opportunity that suits them best.