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Supporting students' transition to higher education

I am a Marine who joined right out of high school and am proud to be a first-generation college student who took the nontraditional path. I earned my Master’s in Higher Education from the University in 2014. My passion for working with college students started at the YMCA in 1993. Since then, I have dedicated my career to helping students succeed, and in return, they have impacted my life.

John Pratt, M.A.

Coordinator, Veteran Services

John Pratt

I have been the Director of Veteran Services since December 2019 and have worked in the department since 2012. I obtained my Master’s in Public Administration and Policy in 2015 from the University. I am proud of our student veteran and family member community on campus and the vast contributions we make. The University of Nevada, Reno is a place for our veteran and military students to be challenged academically, pursue new career interests and a space to expand themselves as they integrate into the next phase of their lives.

Chai Cook, M.P.A.

Director, Veteran Services

Chai Cook

Climate survey

In April 2023, Veteran Services conducted a climate survey for all veteran and military-connected students. Overall, the University of Nevada, Reno campus at-large provides a welcoming space for veterans, family members and military-connected students. Veteran Services strengths include providing meaningful support as students transition to higher education, a dedicated space which allows student veterans to connect based on a shared experience and develop a sense of belonging.

Climate Survey highlights:

  • 91% strongly agree or agree would recommend the University of Nevada, Reno to someone with prior military experience
  • 82% strongly agree or agree feel supported by Veteran Services
  • 74% strongly agree or agree that faculty, staff and students in the classroom accept them and feel comfortable sharing opinions
  • 66% strongly agree or agree supported by campus faculty and staff