Student resources

Setting yourself up for success

VA educational benefits

VA educational benefits help eligible students who are veterans, National Guard members, reservists or their family members to further their education. 


W.A.V.E is the platform that the VA uses to verify college enrollment. Students using benefit chapters 30 and 1606 will need to verify their enrollment every month using this platform.

Payment plans

You may be eligible to apply for the Veteran Tuition Payment Plan. This allows you to make four equal payments to the cashier over the course of the semester. The payment plan is not available in the summer term. To request the application form, email  

Ruptured Duck

The Ruptured Duck Student Emergency Fund provides student veterans and family members with financial assistance during a sudden time of need. The fund is in place to help students with unexpected expenses, allowing them to stay in school and continue making progress towards a degree. Email for an application.

VITAL program

Veterans Integration to Academic Leadership (VITAL) is a veteran-centered partnership between the VA Sierra Nevada Health Care System and the University of Nevada, Reno. VITAL’s mission is to increase academic retention and success by placing VA employees on campus to address student needs. A licensed clinical social worker is available to meet student veterans on campus or remotely. Additionally, an outreach specialist helps students connect with resources and programs at the VA Sierra Nevada Health Care System.

Social Worker, Kelly Dawson, LCSW, (775) 990-2301

Outreach Specialist, Donald, (775) 745-5727

Veterans Alumni Chapter

The purpose of the Veterans Alumni Chapter is to promote service, leadership and community engagement. We strive to create a network designed to produce lasting and meaningful opportunities in employment and positive involvement. Members of the chapter gain access to peers and professional networks.

The Veterans Alumni Chapter is open to those affiliated with military life including alumni veterans, members of the National Guard, reserve soldiers, active-duty soldiers, family members and supporters. Camaraderie is vital to the Veterans Alumni Chapter, promoting success and togetherness on campus and beyond.

Email to learn more.

Principles of Excellence

The University of Nevada, Reno participates in the Principles of Excellence, outlined by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs.

Campus resources

Dean of Students

The Dean of Students Office is dedicated to student development and student success.

Academic Advising

Academic Advising assists each student in developing and implementing an academic plan designed to meet his/her educational, career and life goals. Seeking your advisor’s guidance is imperative to avoid possible issues with your VA claim. 

Disability Resource Center

The Disability Resource Center is dedicated to providing a coordinated program of support services which are not furnished by other university offices or outside organizations. The DRC assists students in negotiating disability related barriers and strives to improve access and opportunity.

Pack Provisions

Pack Provisions strives to support all members of the University of Nevada, Reno with the daily resources they need to ensure success. This mission is carried out by providing access to perishable and non-perishable foods, school supplies, hygiene items and more.

Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships provides students and families with assistance with in paying for college.