Limited submission proposals

Our office coordinates the University’s entries for limited submission proposals. Announcements for these limited submissions are usually made through the official Research & Innovation email communication channel. Subscribe to our mailing list, Researchnotes to receive our notifications.

Your completed pre-proposal should be submitted as a single Word document to the Associate Vice President for Research, Ahmad Itani, at If a researcher identifies a limited submission that has not been announced through researchnotes, contact the Associate Vice President for Research to obtain permission to submit. Depending on the agency timeline, permission might be granted on a first-come-first-serve basis; alternatively, an announcement through researchnotes might be made.

Pre-proposal format:

  • Cover sheet with the following information:
    • Proposal title
    • Amount requested
    • Project period – from date to date
    • Agency solicitation
    • Principal investigator
    • Co-investigators (up to four)
  • Three-page project description addressing the proposal specific review criteria (references extra)
  • Two-page biosketch for PI and co-PIs
  • One-page summary of budget for the total project period

All pre-proposal submissions are reviewed externally, or, if the turn-around time is limited, internally by an interdisciplinary committee of faculty members from several colleges and departments (as appropriate for the call). In certain instances, a combination of external and internal panels will be used.

The pre-proposals should therefore abide by the regular rules of grantsmanship. These require addressing the criteria outlined in the agency’s call for proposals and presenting the research/scholarly project in the most efficient, succinct way, and understandable to a diverse panel of reviewers knowledgeable in the general area.

Rubrics are used for evaluating the pre-proposals. The criteria will lean closely on the parameters outlined in the agency’s call.

The ranking of the pre-proposals is provided to the Vice President for Research and Innovation, who makes the final decision.