eugenie montblanc

Eugénie Montblanc

Great Basin Fire Science Exchange Coordinator


The Great Basin's unique sagebrush-steppe ecosystem is in decline due to a variety of factors such as invasive species, piñon and juniper tree encroachment and expansion, multiple anthropogenic uses, climate change, and severe wildfire. The science information needed to determine the best management practices is often lacking or difficult to find, and managers must navigate the complexities of differing agency missions, policies, costs, resource values, and social concerns to implement treatments. I coordinate the Great Basin Fire Science Exchange in order to develop direct connections between wildland scientists and managers, and to make wildland fire and fuels science information more accessible in order to ease and improve land treatment decision-making to meet social and ecological needs.


B.S., Biology, San Francisco State University, San Francisco, 2001
M.S., Biology, University of Nevada, Reno, 2005
M.S., Resource Economics, University of Nevada, Reno, 2009