Graduate Admissions and Assistantships

Apply and audition for graduate admission

The University of Nevada, Reno Department of Music is proud to announce the acceptance of applications to its doctor of musical arts degree program. In addition to doctoral degrees in instrumental, vocal performance and conducting, the department of music offers ample opportunities to pursue master's degrees in all areas from conducting to musicology and composition to performance.

The University of Nevada, Reno offers a wide range of graduate teaching assistantships and other financial incentives to its graduate students, including insurance eligibility and in-state tuition rates. Graduate teaching assistantships range from 10-20 hour workloads per week and include a tuition reduction covering the non-resident portion of tuition for out of state students. Although each year rates vary, during the present academic year, total stipends equal anywhere from $8,000 to $19,000 and are distributed in monthly paychecks throughout the course of each semester. Since the number of positions are limited and the offers are competitive, applicants are strongly encouraged to apply early. The deadline for University applications is March 1st, but a limited amount of late applications are accepted into late March. For priority consideration for scholarships and assistantships, applicants must apply by February 1st.